Countertop exam shield to provide safe barrier between people

Countertop Shield

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Quick and easy to assemble, the versatile countertop shield creates a sturdy and reliable barrier that can easily be moved from location to location around an office, library, retail or healthcare setting.

  • Made from clear 0.1875" polycarbonate
  • Measures 35" W x 24" H
  • Easily customizable to almost any size
  • Weighs approximately 12 pounds
  • Ships flat for easy, tool-free assembly

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These products are manufactured with the intent to create a physical barrier between person-to-person interactions to reduce exposure to fluid biological airborne particulates (expelled by sneezing or breathing). This product is not intended for any use that would create undue risk. It is recommended that surfaces be cleaned and disinfected daily. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The actual product’s components may vary in appearance from printed and online materials. 


Limited to 6 months from delivery date. Products that have been mishandled, exposed to unintended substances or impact and normal wear and tear are not covered by warranty. Claims on quality of goods and quality of discrepancies should be submitted one week from delivery.