Adjustable Face Shield For Loupes
Adjustable Face Shield For Loupes With Person
Adjustable Face Shield For Loupes With Person and Loupe

Adjustable Face Shield for Loupes

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Adjustable face shields provide the highest levels of protection to the face and eyes from airborne vapors and liquids. Manufactured from optically clear PET for maximum visibility, the soft adjustable elastic strap and foam headband provide a secure fit, additional long-term comfort and durability. Plus, the no-gap headband design gives enhanced protection from air and liquid entry.  This face shield has additional foam padding to allow space for use with typical loupes.

  • Medical-grade disposable face shield for protection against liquid and airborne particulates
  • Shield made from optically clear, lightweight and durable 7mil polycarbonate
  • 3” foam forehead rest which allows space for use of typical loupes
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap for secure custom fit


  • This face shield is made with polyeurathane foam, nylon elastic strap, PET screen
  • This item is disposable and intended for one use
  • We recommend not to use the face shield in the presence of high intensity heat sources or flammable gas, as well as mechanical debris projected from machining parts
  • This face shield is not an antimicrobial or antiviral device. It is a low barrier device that can protect from exposure to fluid biological airborne particulates
  • This product is not intended for any use that would create an undue risk in light of the public health emergency